Title:DL75A truck tire changer

Technical parameters

Rim diamerer


Max.wheel diameter 1150mm
Tire width  3”-15”
Working pressure 8-10bar
Voltage 380v/220v/110v
Power 1.0kw/1.5kw
Machine weight 436kg



Scope of application

Applicable for changing car tires whose rim diameters is between 10''-28''.


Product features

This machine is an electrical integration automatic tire changer, with a claw hook head(hook head auto fllip, auto advance and retreat),hook head and pressure tire linkage, saving time, standard double-speed  motor,standard 313power arm and 311lifting frame.


1,professional designed claw hook head feature has quick -change hook pad, hook pad made of high-strength wear-resistant nylon, not to hurt the wheels and wear-resistant, no crowbar, when dismanting tires, not to hurt the tires,rims.


2,When the hook head is assembled and disassenbled,the gap between the hook head and the rim can be controlled, and the wheel rim can be protected from being scratched.


Machine quality

The products gained Europe CE certification.


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