Title:DLDXC-D-600 Bus Washing Machine

DLDXC-D-600 Bus Washing Machine


Main Features:

The bus computer washing machine is controlled by computer, with high automation, full-featured, beautiful appearance, energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, low car wash cost, low maintenance cost, good anti embroidering performance and good reliability.


Main Function Introduction:

1. Automatic induction sprinkler

2. Auto - imitation brushing body

3. Automatic flushing chassis

4. Automatic system detection

5. Optional sewage treatment system


Main Technical Parameters:

Model Number: DLDXC-D-600

Car Washing Machine Shape Size (LxWxH): 8000 x 5000 x 4250 (4950) mm

Maximum Car Washer Specification (WxH): 2500 x 3500 (4200) mm

Car Washing Speed: 40-60/h

Water Consumption: about 250L/cars

Total Installed Capacity: 16-17.5kw

Compressed Air Pressure: 0.8Mpa

Net Weight of Machine: Around 3.5T

Small Side Brush: 0.75kw2=1.5kw

Water Pump: 4kw


Sub Systems:

1. Computer Control System: Digit, Japan's MITSUBISHI, Taiwan Yong Kun, Schneider in France, the United States Paz Fida, Taiwan Yadeke and other international well-known components, stable and reliable performance. The advanced self-test function can test the car wash machine manual, automatic, motor, air pressure, water spray, spray wax and other systems.


2. Safety Protection System: Infrared electric eye can automatically sense the advanced models, car washing machine starts, without manual selection, can automatically determine the vehicle and clean vehicles, the automatic washing procedure operation and may participate in the control of artificial, to ensure the safety of washing.


3. Super-soft Special Brush: Using the latest generation of bubble brush. It's super soft. It doesn't hurt the body. Every point of the contact between brush and body can keep the average pressure. Under the minimum pressure state, the brush can completely wrap the car body and make it achieve the best car wash effect. The original car 200 thousand vehicles increased to 400 thousand vehicles to the car.


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