Title:DL-S20 parking car lift



Model                             DL-S201           DL-S202                         DL-S203
Lifting capacity                2300kg              2700kg                           3200kg
Lifting height                    2100mm            2100mm                        2100mm
Column height                 3000mm            3500mm                        3500mm
sweeping board 

internal size             3950*2100mm      4166*2100mm         4166*2100mm 


Machine weight               950kg                  1050kg                         1150kg
Parking size                                  5000*1850*1550mm
Lifting speed                                   1.7m/s          2m/s 



1、Solenoid valve unlocking

2、Double oil cylinder design, lift is safer

3、Upper limit design to prevent accidental injury

4、through CE authentication

5、Set up a stop device to prevent an emergency.

6、Through dynamic load bearing 125% test, static load bearing 150% test

7、Wire rope moves to balance the platform





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